About Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions Roof and Gutter Ice Dam Prevention

Our History

Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions is a division of GSB Services, LLC. GSB Services, LLC was founded in 1996 as a residential roofing, siding, and gutter company in Southeast Wisconsin. We have always prided ourselves with providing property owners with quality products and excellent service.

With so many customers asking for real solutions to their ice dam problems and so few contractors offering effective solutions, we decided to focus on providing Wisconsin customers with products and services that work - WI Ice Dam Solutions™.

Our Experience

While we have extensive experience in roofing, siding, gutters, and sheet metal and copper work, our focus is on providing homeowners and business owners with effective roof ice melting solutions and roof ice dam prevention products. In fact, we are the largest installer of IceBlaster and VersaScreen Heated Gutter Guards by Edge Melt Systems in Wisconsin.

With over 100,000 feet of industrial grade self regulating heat cable installed in roof and gutter ice dam prevention systems in Wisconsin over the years, we have the experience to know what works. This is our business.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are a homeowner looking for installation or a contractor looking for sales and support, we are here toContact WI Ice Dam Solutions for your roof and gutter ice dam prevention system help. No company in Wisconsin has more experience with roof and gutter ice dam prevention systems than Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions. 

The owner of WI Ice Dam Solutions, Gregory Bublitz, has been committed to the roofing industry for two and a half decades. Mr. Bublitz has been an innovator and driving force in the ice dam prevention industry.

  • Some of his products are so innovative that they have been patented with the USPTO.
  • Our in house engineering has resulted in innovative control systems that extend the life of the heat cable an increased energy efficiency.
  • He has also been a contributor to articles in the Milwaukee Journal on ice damming, written extensive blog articles, and provided guest contributions for internet and radio forums.

Put our experience in solving ice dam problems to work for you. 

Don't take our word for it - here is what our customers are saying about us. If you are ready to work with a serious contractor who knows the Ice Dam business, give us a call or contact us! 

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We are Wisconsin's source for roof and gutter ice dam prevention systems. We feature roof and gutter ice melting systems:

  • IceBlaster by Edge Melt Systems Eave and Valley Radiant Panels
  • Heated Gutters and Gutter Guards by VersaScreen customized to your homes needs

Our Goal is to solve your ice dam problems.

Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions will provide quality solutions to the problems that tough Wisconsin winters throw at us. Roof and Gutter Ice Dams For years homeowners have been told that ice and water shield underlayment and zig zag heat cables were the only solution. Others say balanced ventilation and insulation solve all problems. These techniques are valuable, but they cannot always eliminate ice dams and the resulting damage. The only solution is to prevent the ice dams from forming. That is why we are the Wisconsin source for IceBlaster by Edge Melt Systems™ roof and gutter ice dam prevention products and VersaScreen Heated Gutter Protection. We have been successful at designing roof and gutter ice dam prevention systems for customers all over Wisconsin. 

Old ideas only focused on ventilation and insulation.

Roofing manufacturers and home inspection professionals have been preaching ventilation and insulation along with ice and water shield. These methods work fine until air temperature and the good ol' sun do what they do. No matter how well you insulate, the sun still beats down on your roof and air temperatures fluctuate above and below freezing. This results in melting and freezing cycles that form ice dams starting at your gutter and extending up your roof. Before you know it - ice dams and leaking. Huge icicle formations - dangerous! We have some great articles on ice dams and their causes in our blog

IceBlaster by Edge Melt Systems™ features a well designed product line incorporating an industrial grade self-regulating heating cable with an extruded aluminum base panel that is topped by a UNA-CLAD pre-finished aluminum or 20 oz. copper cover. When in place, this system is designed to prevent ice build up in the gutters, at the eaves, and in the valleys and other critical roof areas. We can customize a design to protect your home or business from the damaging effects of ice dams and icicles. Please contact us for more information on this extraordinary system. 

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Let the professionals at WI-IceDamSolutions.com educate you on the options available to you. Whether you are a homeowner, property management company, or a building owner, we can provide you with effective solutions to your ice dam and icing problems. We have been dealing with ice damming for a decade and a half - we have the experience to handle whatever our tough Wisconsin winters throw at us!