Posts From December, 2012

Does Ventilation Solve Roof Ice Dam Problems?

Balanced Roof Ventilation One of the many proposed solutions to roof ice dams is balanced roof ventilation. The theory is that if the temperature inside the attic space is kept below freezing, then snow will not melt on the roof and no ice dams... read more

WI Ice Dam Solutions to Exhibit at the 2013 Milwaukee NARI Spring Home Improvement Show

Ice Dam Prevention not the only thing at the show! The Milwaukee NARI Spring Home Improvement Show will be February 7-10, 2013 at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Expo. Contact WI Ice Dam Solutions for our booth space (and to see if we have any... read more

EDGE MELT SYSTEM uses only one run of heat cable to prevent ice dams!

A truly energy effecient roof edge ice dam prevention system! The new Edge Melt System™  from VersaScreen Gutter Protection™ uses only one run of self regulating heat cable to effectively prevent roof ice dams. Until now, heated roof panels needed... read more