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Are All Winter Time Roof Leaks Caused By Ice Dams?

We recently visited the home of a daughter of one of our customers. Our company had installed an ice dam prevention system in Franklin for this customer and his daughter reached out to us with a water damaged ceiling around a skylight. That is what... read more

Do Ice Dam Prevention Systems have to be visible to be effective

Are ugly zig zag heat cables or the radiant metal panels at the roof edge necessary to prevent ice dams? For so many years, zig zag heat tape was all that could be done on the outside to prevent ice dams. And, they really didn't work that well.... read more

Does zig zag heat tape prevent ice dams?

DOES ZIG ZAG HEAT TAPE PREVENT ICE DAMS? HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? It really depends on the amount of snow and temperatures. If you live in an area that rarely gets more than 3-4 inches of snow at a time and the snow doesn't pile up on the roof, then... read more

Is Roof Venting Necessary for Ice Dam Prevention

Roof and Ridge Vents Serve a Purpose One of the most common ideas in ice dam prevention is that roof ventilation is required. The idea is that if the attic is cool the snow will not melt. So roof venting pulls in 'cool' air from the soffits or... read more

Ineffective Ice Dam Prevention Ideas

Strange Ice Dam Prevention Idea in Wales, Wisconsin I was in a neighborhood in Wales, WI  recently and observed a strange attempt at ice dam prevention. It involved covering the gutter with a sheet metal strip to prevent water from entering the... read more

Do Metal Roofs Prevent Ice Dams?

Can Metal Roofing Prevent Ice Dams? Residential metal roofing salesmen often promote that metal roofing products are a great way to prevent ice dams. They toute metal's ability to let the snow slide right off. The logic is 'no snow, no ice dams'.... read more

How Do I Get Rid of My Roof Ice Dam?

Roof and Gutter Ice Dams Are a Winter Menace! They can build so quickly and go unnoticed until it is too late. The water starts dripping in through the trim on the window. Or it shows up as a stain on the ceiling. The icicles dripping on the stairs ... read more

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards and Ice Dams

Why do gutter guards have problems with ice dams and icicles? It is a common experience for customers in Northern climates to experience ice dams and severe icicle formation after installing gutter guards or gutter screens. The first response by... read more

Ice Dam Prevention System on Historic Country Club in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Ice Dam Prevention System installed on the Blue Mound Golf and County Club in Wauwatosa, WI. Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions was contracted to install a copper clad heat panel system to prevent ice dam build up that plagued this historic country club... read more

IceBlaster Edge Melt System Concealed Ice Dam Prevention System

The end of unsightly zig zag heat tape on the roof! The old solution to ice dam problems was to string up some heat tape from the hardware store in a zig zag fashion on the roof edge. These were occasionally effective if the snow fall was less than ... read more

Best Ice Dam and Roof Snow Removal Contractors in Southeast Wisconsin

Roof Top Snow and Ice Dam Removal Prevention is the best method to mitigate the damage roof and gutter ice dams cause. Unfortunately, ice dams can creep up on us. Before you know it, severe damage with water dripping in where we don't want it. What ... read more

Plugged Ridge Vent Doesn't Solve Ice Dam Issues

Roof Ventilation is a must! A real issue home owners face is proper roof ventilation. All roofing manufacturers require a roof to be ventilated. There are some exceptions with what are known as 'hot roofs' or insulated panels that comprise the... read more

Ice Dam Prevention on Wawautosa, Wisconsin Home

Roof and Gutter Ice Dam Prevention in Wauwatosa, WI We had been working with this Wauwatosa, WI customer for several years now. Initially, we had proposed a system before the front gable was added at the front entry. Prior, the gutter would drip... read more

Do Roof Heat Cable Systems Need Ground Fault Protection?

Roof Heat Cables and Ground Fault Protection It is important for all roof and gutter heat cable systems to be ground fault protected. This is whether the cables are exposed as in the typical zig zag roof heat cables commonly seen or they are... read more

Do Gutters Cause Ice Dams?

Gutters and Ice Dams One question that is often posed by homeowners is "Can I just take my gutters off to prevent ice dams?" The reasoning goes like this. The snow melts on the roof, runs down to the gutter, and refreezes there. If there is no... read more
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