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Roof Ice Dam Prevention and Home Automation Systems

Efficient Roof and Gutter Ice Dam Prevention System Operation We are often asked about the best way to operate a roof and gutter ice dam prevention system. The simplest way is a light switch. Turn the system on when you want it to operate and off... read more

How Do I Operate My Heat Cable System?

How To Operate Your Roof or Gutter Heat Tape? Several individuals recently sought out WI Ice Dam Solutions for advice on how to operate their heat cables. What temperatures should they turn their roof heat cables on at? Should they let the ice dam... read more

IceBlaster Edge Melt System Promotional Giveaway

IceBlaster Edge Melt System Ice Dam Prevention System Promotional Giveaway! For a couple of years now, we have been doing selected installations with the VersaSceen IceBlaster Edge Melt System. We have been suprised at how effective it has been... read more

Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions to Exhibit at the 2013 Washington County Home Show

WI Ice Dam Solutions to offer ice dam solutions to Washington County Residents! Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions will have a booth at the upcoming Washington County Builders Association 2013 Home Building and Remodeling Expo. Look for us there February... read more

Condo Ice Dam Problem Solved

Icicles, Roof Ice Dams, Icy Driveway A resident of  North Lake, WI was having trouble at the entry to his condo and garage. The architecture led to winter problems with ice dams forming at the valleys and in the gutters. The roof ice dams built and ... read more

Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions on Facebook

Why should you follow us on Facebook? So many Facebook company pages just spew out the latest offer or hype their products. After a while, many just tune this out. We want you to be educated, informed and equipped to care for your home. We offer... read more

WI Ice Dam Solutions Booth at the 2013 Milwaukee NARI Spring Show

Come visit our Ice Dam Solutions booth! You can find us near the west entrance at booth 1110. This year's show is February 7-10 at the WI State Fair Park Expo Center (West Allis, WI). We have a limited availability of complimentary tickets... read more

Beware - Roof Raking Can Cause Ice Dams

THE CURE BECOMES THE CAUSE! Often touted as a cure for ice dams, roof raking often creates ice dams in worse places. Roof raking accomplishes its best results when all of the snow can be removed from the roof. Only removing a portion of the snow... read more

VersaScreen IceBlaster Patent Pending Published

Amazing Ice Dam Prevention Gutter Guard After years of testing and research and an application with the US Patent Office, the VersaScreen IceBlaster patent application has been published - US 2012/0168419 A1.  VersaScreen IceBlaster was born out... read more

EDGE MELT SYSTEM Hidden Heat Successful Testing!

SUCCESSFUL TESTING OF ENERGY EFFICIENT ICE DAM PREVENTION! We previously blogged about our testing of a new ice dam prevention system that uses only one run of heat cable versus the two or three runs typically used in radiant roof edge ice dam... read more

Does Ventilation Solve Roof Ice Dam Problems?

Balanced Roof Ventilation One of the many proposed solutions to roof ice dams is balanced roof ventilation. The theory is that if the temperature inside the attic space is kept below freezing, then snow will not melt on the roof and no ice dams... read more

WI Ice Dam Solutions to Exhibit at the 2013 Milwaukee NARI Spring Home Improvement Show

Ice Dam Prevention not the only thing at the show! The Milwaukee NARI Spring Home Improvement Show will be February 7-10, 2013 at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Expo. Contact WI Ice Dam Solutions for our booth space (and to see if we have any... read more

EDGE MELT SYSTEM uses only one run of heat cable to prevent ice dams!

A truly energy effecient roof edge ice dam prevention system! The new Edge Melt System™  from VersaScreen Gutter Protection™ uses only one run of self regulating heat cable to effectively prevent roof ice dams. Until now, heated roof panels needed... read more

Are Zig Zag Heat Cables Effective for Roof Ice Dam Prevention?

An inexpensive solution to roof ice dams? For many home and business owners, the first reaction to ice dam problems may be to run to the hardware store and purchase a length of heat tape or heat cables. The next step is to install them in a zig zag ... read more

Roof Ice Dam Prevention and 'GreenWashing'

The Green Revolution The greening of our world has been a great advance for us. There are thousands of products that exists solely for the purpose of making our lives better by using less energy. Products that are made locally require shorter... read more
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