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Can Roof Heat Cables Use Solar Power?

Solar Powered Heat Cables? With so much emphasis on going green, saving energy and reducing our carbon foot print, many wonder about the use of solar power to operate a heat cable system for ice dam prevention. While it is not feasible to operate... read more

Do Roof and Gutter Ice Melt Systems Need a Thermostat Controller?

Common Misconception One of the biggest misconceptions about self regulating heat cables is whether or not they turn themselves off in warm temperature. The simple answer is they do not turn themselves off when temps rise above freezing. To turn... read more

VersaScreen IceBlaster To Partner With Bylin Roof Ice Melt Systems

Updated 1/27/16 VersaScreen Ice Dam Prevention ends relationship with Bylin Roof Ice Melt Systems. See the blog posting. Finally! A Roof Ice Melt System and Heated Gutter Protection System that are compatible. Release - VersaScreen Gutter... read more

How Much Do Roof Heat Cables Cost To Run?

With energy costs rising, pocket books shrinking, and energy consumption becoming an increasing concern, one should consider the operating cost of a Roof and Gutter Ice Dam Prevention System. Several factors go into estimating operating costs. The... read more

How Much Do Roof Deicing Systems Cost?

Many factors contribute to the cost of a Roof and Gutter Ice Melting System. Products used, design considerations, electrical requirements, and areas to be protected - all influence the final cost of a system. With the internet it is possible to... read more

Why Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions Uses Bylin Roof Ice Melt Technology

Updated 1/27/16 After rigorous testing, Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions no longer offers Bylin Roof Ice Melt Systems. While the Bylin Roof Ice Melt System had been the mainstay of the ice dam prevention industry for many years, we have found a better ... read more

WI Ice Dam Solutions Exhibit @ 2012 NARI Home Show

WI Ice Dam Solutions will again have an exhibit at the 2012 50th annual Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show February 9th - 12th. We will feature an expanded booth size and new products. Please visit us at Booth 548-550. Past customers should... read more

What Do Straw Dogs Have To Do With Roof Ice Melt Systems?

A straw dog is something - an idea, concept, design, etc. - set up for the purpose of destroying it, degrading it, or otherwise demeaning it to make something else look better. In business, the straw dog usually does not accurately depict what is... read more

WI Ice Dam Solutions New Roof Edge Melt System

Introducing the IceMelt System™! Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions will soon be offering the IceMelt System™ in the Fall of 2011. The product features an extruded aluminum panel that is heated by one self regulating heat cable. The aluminum alloy used is ... read more

WI Ice Dam Solutions Exhibits at 2011 Milwaukee NARI Show

WI Ice Dam Solutions exhibited at the 49th annual Milwaukee Nari Spring Home and Garden Show February 10th - 13th. By all measurements the show was a tremendous success. The number of attendees was up over last year, those stopping at the booth... read more

Ice Busting Goes High Tech

While showing Park City to some visiting friends one spectacularly sunny day last winter, I noticed how enthralled they were with the massive icicles suspended from practically every house we passed. They insisted I stop several times so they could... read more

Plan Now For Winter!

Record-breaking snowfalls occurred this past winter in many areas of the United States. The snow, along with icicles and ice dams, also caused another record to be set in many areas - roof damage. Even during winters without heavy snow, however, ice ... read more

What causes an ice dam?

Ice Dam Causes Very simply - snow and heat. Ice dams are formed when snow melt refreezes at the eaves (gutters) and in the valleys. Causes for snow melt can be heat loss from the house, solar radiation (sun's rays) and temperature fluctuations... read more
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