Condo Ice Dam Problem Solved

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A resident of  North Lake, WI was having trouble at the entry to his condo and garage. The architecture led to winter North Lake, WI Ice Dam On Roof and Gutterproblems with ice dams forming at the valleys and in the gutters. The roof ice dams built and spilled over as icicles. These continuously dripped and caused icy spots on the driveway and front entry. Efforts were made to use salt to remove the ice, but it often built faster than the salt could work. The North Lake, WI resident also was tired of dragging the salt into his house. The couple that lived here were also had mobility issues to consider and wanted to be free of the ice problem. 

This is a problem are that we deal with often. Architectural designs rarely take into account what happens in the winter. Even though this condominium was properly insulated to code requirements, the large roof area funnels down to a small gutter area at the front entry. Snow fall is usually lighter higher on the roof in this windy location. This results in the warming roof surface melting the snow. The melt water then runs down the roof under the snow  and refreezes in the gutter. It builds until an ice dam is formed and the resulting icicles that constantly drip. The customer visited us at a couple of home shows and liked what he saw with our roof and gutter ice dam prevention systems.

We heat the roof edge and gutters for ice dam prevention!

After meeting with the couple who owned this condominium, WI Ice Dam Solutions designed a system that met their Hartland, WI Roof Ice Dam Prevention System requirements and budget. They wanted a system that would come on when they needed it to without having to manage it themselves. A thermostat was selected that would only have the roof heat cable system on between 10 and 34 degrees (the temps at which ice dams form). In addition, radiant roof panels were used in the valleys and at the eaves. The gutters, downspouts and drainage system were heat traced with self regulating heat cables. Notice the after picture. This system has been running satisfactorily for three seasons now with no complaints. The customer had considered zig zag cables but ruled them out because of the upscale appearance of these condominiums. It was felt that the look of the exposed heat cables on the roof would detract from the fine look of these condos. Energy usage was also a consideration. Zig zag roof heat cables require more cables and actually accomplish less with the additional footage. 

We can help you with your roof and gutter ice dam problems, too.

Living in Wisconsin brings its share of challenges. Manage roof ice dams and the resulting mess it creates doesn't have to be one of them. We can expertly design a system that can effectively and efficiently prevent ice dams on your roof. We have decades of experience in dealing with roof and gutter issues. Over the past several years, we have installed tens of thousands of feet of self regulating heat cables in roof and gutter ice dam prevention systems. Put our knowledge to work for you. Please feel free to contact us to learn how you can free of ice dams - permanently.

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