EDGE MELT SYSTEM Hidden Heat Successful Testing!


We previously blogged about our testing of a new ice dam prevention system that uses only one run of heat cable Edge Melt System Hidden Heat Ice Dam Prevention Testversus the two or three runs typically used in radiant roof edge ice dam panels. The system we have been testing is the Edge Melt System which incorporates the same ice and snow melting technology used in the VersaScreen IceBlaster heated gutter guard. This new product was installed at our test facility in Delafield WI. 

For the first test, we left it off while the snow and ice built up. The conditions were 3" of snow , then @ 1" of rain (which compacted the existing snow into a slush/ice mixture), then 5 more inches of snow on top. The temps were in the upper twenties during snow/rain fall, then down into the teens at night. The system was turned on the next day. After several days of operation (including melting about 2.5 inches of ice), the roof was snow and ice free. This was harsh test, but necessary to see how far we could push this product. There were two subsequent snow falls (@ 2 inches each) with temps in the low to mid twenties during the day and low to mid teens at night. We had the system on prior to these snow falls as this would be how the system would operate normally. See the pic to the right. It shows the roof edge and gutter completely free of snow and ice dams. This is a great alterative for customers who don't want to see anything that affects the appearance of the roof materials. Prior to this, expensive mesh mats (which require the removal of shingles to install) or radiant roof edge products were used (or zig zag heat tape - which most customers now refuse to use because of its relatively short life and ugly appearance). This product is easy to install under the first course of shingles without any removal of the roofing products. 

For more information on this outstanding ice dam prevention system - please feel free to get in touch with us.