EDGE MELT SYSTEM uses only one run of heat cable to prevent ice dams!

A truly energy effecient roof edge ice dam prevention system!

The new Edge Melt System™  from VersaScreen Gutter Protection™ uses only one run of self regulating heat cable to effectively prevent roof ice dams. Until now, heated roof panels needed two or three runs of heat cables to accomplish roof ice dam prevention in Wisconsin. Residents in Wisconsin now can contact WI Ice Dam Solutions for more information on how they can have this system installed on their home.

How does it work?

The system resulted from several years of design and testing. A self regulating heat cable is embedded in an aluminum extrusion and covered by a prefinished aluminum cover. Aluminum has long been renowned for its heat transfer capabilities. Couple that with the incredible efficiency of our commercial grade, self regulating, roof heat cable and you have a system that is tremendously effective without the high cost of other thermal panels. The direct heat transfer to the cover panel allows more of the heat energy to be delivered to the melting surface.

It keeps getting better!

Zig zag cables or heat tape is unsightly, prone to damage, and short-lived. Some heated roof edges or hot edges canEdge Melt System Hidden Heat Roof Ice Dam Prevention Solution for Wisconsin be conspicuous on the roof edge. Other products required expensive reroofing to install. Now, available to Wisconsin residents, the Edge Melt System™ features a version that is concealed under the first course of shingles - hidden from view with no shingle removal. Another version being tested for release in 2013 features an insulated aluminum panel that uses the same heat cable to heat the roof AND the gutter - requiring only 50% of the heat cable of other single cable heated edge products. And, the original Edge Melt System™ Eave Panel single cable roof edge radiant panel comes in a variety of colors to complement your homes exterior decor. All of the Edge Melt System™ products use the same long-lasting, commercial grade, self regulating heat cables that have made VersaScreen IceBlaster the contractor's choice for heated gutter protection in Wisconsin. Performance and efficiency at its best!

Stay Tuned for Ice Dam Prevention Pictures Featuring Edge Melt System™ Productsget an ice dam prevention system quote from WI Ice Dam Solutions

In the following months (as the snow falls), we will be posting additional blogs on how these systems are performing on homes around the area - Elm Grove, Brookfield, and Delafield to mention a few. Want the Edge Melt System™ on your home? Are you suffering from Ice Damitis? Tired of the damage and liability that roof and gutter ice dams bring? Contact us now to set up a time convenient for you for a home consultation.