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  • Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions are the experts at solving roof and gutter ice dams.  Our ice dam prevention systems will solve your ice dam problems.
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  • We have a variety of options including Heated Eave and Valley Panels and VersaScreen IceBlaster heated gutter protection.
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Ice dams are a reality for those of us who live in Wisconsin. Fox Point, WI Ice Dam Problem on the Roof

Just the mention of them makes us feel helpless. Is the ice dam going to leak in through my roof and cause drywall damage or ruin my wood floors? The constant dripping on the walk or stairs leading to the front door creates sheets of slippery ice - Is somebody going to slip and fall? What about the liability to my home or business? What can be done to prevent roof and gutter ice dams?


Roof and Gutter Ice Dam Prevention Systems Roof Ice Dam Prevention in Wauwatosa, WI

Featuring Edge Melt Systems (product catalog) Eave and Valley Radiant Panels along with Heated Gutter Protection. Economical and Efficient solutions to your ice dam problems. No need for zig zag heat cables ruining the look of your home and posing a fire hazard. See the Products page for more information!!! 


What causes ice dams in the first place? 

Roof Ice Problems

Ice dams and icicles occur as a result of:

  • Snow buildup on the roof
  • Heat loss from the building
    • Through insulation
    • Through chimneys
    • Through roof vents
  • Winter temperature fluctuations – freeze/thaw cycles
  • Solar heating during winter days with below freezing nights
  • One or a combination of these factors contribute to ice dam formation

The Winter Process

  1. Winter storms build up snow on the roof.
  2. Heat from the building (through insulation, chimneys, and roof vents) and from the sun (solar gain) causes roof snow melt.
  3. Melted snow runs down roof lines to valleys and eaves.
  4. The melted snow refreezes at the base of the valleys and at the eaves or gutters.
  5. As day/night time temperatures cycle up and down and heat loss melts the snow, the ice dams and icicles continue to grow.
  6. Icicles cause 'people and property safety' concerns and liability issues.

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As roof snow accumulation increases, ice dam and icicle formation likewise increase. Subsequent water ponding can lead to roof leaks, internal building damage and possible mold issues. Falling icicles can create lower roof damage, deck damage and people safety issues. The problem can vary from year to year. Our solutions are directed at preventing ice dam and icicle formation through efficiently warming the eaves, valleys, gutters and other problem areas. The products we offer have proven successful through years of use.

Please visit our ice dam prevention products page to view the innovative roof and gutter ice dam prevention products available for solving your ice dam problems. You will notice that we do not offer the typical do-it-yourself heating cables or heat tape found at hardware and big box stores. These zig zag heat cables are not effective in eliminating ice dams. In fact, under some conditions, they can actually cause ice dams and icicle formations. The exposed heating cables are prone to damage from animals, falling debris, and being pulled off the roof. While many projects can safely and effectively be undertaken by homeowners, we recommend that you hire a contractor to tackle installing this Ice Dam Prevention System.

Get Protected Now From Roof and Gutter Ice Dams!

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Greg,  Just made payment online.  Your guys do exceptional work! 

Thank you for your personal customer service, I am sure you are aware how lucky you are to have such an outstanding team.  The electrician treated my home like it was his and cleaned up after himself, almost like my dad/brother was doing the work for me.

Great job!!!

(Tim Frank, Pewaukee, WI)


Greg, Just wanted to let you know how well the work that you did at our Trillium Lane, Slinger property last fall is working. I am beyond pleased halfway thru winter. We have had zero ice buildup thus far. After battling ice dams in three homes over near 40 years of home ownership, this is the first time I believe we have a solution. Might be the best $$$ I ever spent.

Thanks again. And please feel free to use me as a reference or testimonial to the fact this does in fact take care of ice dam problems.

M. Hiller, Slinger, WI