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The most advanced ice dam prevention products available on the market today!

Our Roof Ice Melting Products - Efficient, Effective, Safe for Preventing Ice Dams and Dangerous Icicle Formations!  (Operating Guidelines PDF) Why are our systems so effective? The video below explains why all heat cables are not created equal. There is a difference.

IceBlaster Edge Melt System - Designed for Wisconsin Roofs

A commerical grade self-regulating heat cable is channeled into an extruded aluminum base panel which is designed for maximum heat transfer. Each base panel is clad with .040 prefinished aluminum (UnaClad - brown, bronze, forest green, dark bronze, and black or real copper) to best compliment the colors of your home. When mounted to your roof eaves and/or valleys, our systems are designed to eliminate ice dams and snow build up in those areas, keeping your home safer and reducing risk of winter damage to your roof, home's interior and surrounding property. For more detailed information see the below files. To view how our products will look on your home, please visit our gallery of ice dam prevention projects.

Which product is right for you? We have a basic video tutorial on our eave and valley panels and our heated gutter guards that can help you identify what to use on your home or business. 


Our products can be customized to any home or business style and be suitable for use in moderate to high snow areas including alpine and lake effect snow regions. 






Our heated valley and eave panels feature a long lasting commercial grade self regulating heat cable. We determine the right wattage (heat output) for your application based on an evaluation of your home or business. Our radiant ice dam prevention systems can be successfully installed throughout the country.

Radiant Eave and Valley Panels Commercial Grade Heat Cable

Thermostat Control

Heat Cable Accessories

We also feature a digital thermostat controller. It can operate up to four separate circuits for systems large and small. The controller enclosure mounts indoors near your circuit breaker panel, measures outside temperature and energizes the heat cable system based on fully adjustable settings. It includes a low temperature cut out to turn off cables when it gets too cold for the heat cables to operate efficiently (generally below 5 degrees).


VersaScreen IceBlaster Heated Gutter Guard, Ice Dam Gutter Guard


VersaScreen IceBlaster™ Heated Gutter Protection

GSB Services, LLC (WI Ice Dam Solutions) is the exclusive source in Wisconsin for VersaScreen gutter protection products including the Patent Pending IceBlaster™ heated gutter guard. This innovative gutter screen (gutter protection, gutter cover, gutter guard, or gutter filter) is specifically designed to accept a self-regulating heat cable (roof heat cable or roof heat tape). The multiple location placement of self regulating heat cables make this heated gutter cover the most Versatile heated gutter guard on the market. 

This heated gutter protection provides an effective solution to the problem of ice dams and icicles forming on gutter screens, gutter helmets, and gutter filters. Often, the use of heat cables in conjunction with gutter leaf protection provides a great solution to ice dam problems. If the melted water is allowed to keep flowing it will not create an ice dam or icicles. Fill out the form on the Contact Us page for more information. We would be happy to design a system for you.

     VersaScreen IceBlaster Product Selection Guide(PDF)

Gutterglove IceBreaker Installed on K style gutter, Gutterglove, gutter guard, stainless steel micro mesh, gutter protection, ice dams, Gutterglove icebreaker

Self Regulating Heating Cables for Roof Ice Dam Prevention

For some customers, a self regulating heat cable in the gutter and downspout is all that is needed. These roof heat cables control their own temperature or 'self regulate' through the core which adjusts the electrical flow as it warms to its desired temperature. We use only top-tier commercial grade self regulating heat cables and customarily stock multiple voltage and wattage selections for quick installation. Our heat cables UL listed for both pipe trace and Roof and Gutter Deicing. They also carry the CSA (C,US) label meaning they are approved to handle the tough Canadian winters. This means peace of mind. Self regulating heat cables for roof and gutter are more efficient that the constant wattage heat cables (thin, round heat tape) found at the hardware store - these are typically used by homeowners who are willing to replace them season after season and put up with their ineffectiveness at solving ice dam problems both in gutters and on the roof. Their lack of efficiency and zig zag installation means spending up to 70% more to operate. Think how much more it costs to run those inefficient roof heat cables, month after month, year after year. Using our Self-Regulating Heat Cables will end up costing you less in the long run. For minor ice dam problems resulting from gutter ice build up, install our heat cable in the gutter bottom combined with an aluminum cable cover bracket for maximum heat distribution. View the Heat Cable Datasheet.

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