IceBlaster Edge Melt System Promotional Giveaway

IceBlaster Edge Melt System Ice Dam Prevention System Promotional Giveaway!

For a couple of years now, we have been doing selected installations with the VersaSceen IceBlaster Edge MeltIceBlaster Edge Melt System Concealed Ice Dam Prevention System System. We have been suprised at how effective it has been with Wisconsin winters at roof and gutter ice dam prevention. We are looking to expand the installations of this outstanding ice dam solution and are offering a great promotional giveaway. Perspective customers can download the Promotional Flyer (Promotion ends 3/11/13) for specifics.

Proven Ice Dam Prevention Performance!

The picture to the right features a test installation that we have been using for a few years now. It affords us the ability to check in often to view the effectiveness of various systems that we use. This picture was taken a few days after a wet, heavy snow fall that totalled about 6". The temps dropped quickly and the wind picked up. Yet, this system chewed through the build up in no time. It was amazing to see this hidden radiant panel clear the roof edge like the systems that use two passes of heat cables. Reminds me of what someone said about being green - needs to be better on the environment and better on your wallet. With less heat cable be used, it has a lower cost of installation and operation. There is another single cable option on the market that we have looked at (it is a heated edge metal). That system had an awkward bracket that held the heat cable and then a separate panel that covered the first two courses of shingles. It was fabricated out of 26ga. steel, which is not the greatest for effective heat transfer. Overall, we were not impressed with this heat edge product and all of its claims. Plus, seeing pictures of it being overwhelmed and ice forming over it, left us unimpressed as well. The VersaScreen Gutter Protection products, including IceBlaster Pro heated gutter guards and IceBlaster Edge Melt System, have impressed us, though. Look for them to be leaders in the roof and gutter ice dam prevention industry.

For more information on this system and how you can have installed on your home, please do not hesitate to contact us.