VersaScreen IceBlaster Patent Pending Published

Amazing Ice Dam Prevention Gutter Guard

After years of testing and research and an application with the US Patent Office, the VersaScreen IceBlaster patent application has been published - US 2012/0168419 A1

VersaScreen IceBlaster was born out of a need in the market. We all recognize the need for gutter protection. As gutters fill with leaves and other debris, the flow of water is inhibited. The result is gutters that do not drain properly and cause property damage. Gutter guards are intended to keep the gutters from clogging. However, some work better than others and all have a problem in winter with ice build up.

The inventor of VersaScreen IceBlaster, Gregory Bublitz, had tried several of the products on the market which had heated versions designed to prevent ice dams. One was a micro mesh product with a heavy aluminum frame. This product had decent heat transfer, but lacked the ability to pull the water into the gutter because of the fine screen. This resulted in a constant dripping over the top. Because of its rigid frame, its application was limited to ideal circumstances. It also lacked the ability to adjust where the heat cable was placed or to add additional heat cables, requiring expensive heat panel add ons from a different manufacturer. The other system tried was the reverse curve or helmet style with heat cables attached to it. The heating was insufficient and there was the same problem with expensive heat panel add ons. Also, the inherent flaws of the reverse curve system came to bear with plugged gutters and icing at the front edge.

Roof and Gutter Ice Dams Prevented With VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro

With the VersaScreen IceBlaster heated gutter guard system, these problems were overcome. With its innovative VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro heated gutter guard for ice dam prevention in Kewauskum, WIdesign features, there are no dripping or icing problems at the front edge and additional heating options are built right into its structure. Designed with versatility in mind, it is not a one size fits all approach. Rather, heating options are available for light snow to lake effect snow loads. Notice the picture to the right. This was taken after a recent 16-18 inch snow fall which also included a heavy rain snow mixture. The heated system is only at the front door area. You can see the ice dam forming on the left side of the house where there is no heated gutter guard. This is the IceBlaster Pro version which has a heat cable at the outer or drip edge of the gutter and one at the roof edge concealed from view. The Kewauskum, WI customer had a constant problem with ice at his front entry and an ice dam that leaked into the soffit. VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro was the right selection for this job. Had we tried the rigid micro mesh product, it would have required an expensive thermal heat panel add on, which would not have improved the results. 

VersaScreen And Bylin Engineered Systems

Another problem overcome by VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro is the compatibility with the Bylin Roof Ice Melt system. Bylin is the leader in the roof ice dam prevention industry, having installed millions of miles of roof and gutter heat cables and over 150 miles of heated roof panels. VersaScreen has a partnership with Bylin to form a compatible system. Other heated gutter guards simply cannot address the variety of problems that VersaScreen IceBlaster and Bylin RIM systems can tackle. 

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