WI Ice Dam Solutions Exhibit @ 2012 NARI Home Show

WI Ice Dam Solutions will again have an exhibit at the 2012 50th annual Milwaukee NARI Home Improvement Show February 9th - 12th. We will feature an expanded booth size and new products. Please visit us at Booth 548-550. Past customers should contact Greg Bublitz at Greg@WI-IceDamSolutions.com for the opportunity to receive complimentary tickets (supplies are limited).

 VersaScreen IceBlaster Gutter Ice Dam PreventionOne exiting product we started featuring this year has been the VersaScreen IceBlaster™ Heated Gutter Protection. This product is revolutionizing the ice dam prevention business. Customers have appreciated the great balance between gutter leaf protection, ice dam and icicle prevention, and overall cost. The ease of installation and low profile appearance has been a great option in the over-populated gutter protection market. Even the VersaScreen Pro (the unheated version) has been a great seller for us this year. We plan to have the VersaScreen products occupy a prominent place in our booth this year.

VersaScreen IceBlaster features the same heat cables used in all Bylin Roof Ice Melt Systems - making it a compatible partner. The Heated Gutter Guard along with Heated Valley Panels has been solving Ice Dam Problems on many Wisconsin roofs. 

Show attendees will have the opportunity to view VersaScreen IceBlaster and VersaScreen Pro on a full size display featuring different roof types. Also displayed will be the Bylin Roof Ice Melt System. Bylin Engineered Systems' products have been successfully solving roof and gutter ice problems for decades. Join us and see for yourself this unique solution to the problem of roof ice dams. You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of our show specials. Look for the snow covered rooftop on our display. Booth 548-550.