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So many Facebook company pages just spew out the latest offer or hype their products. After a while, many just tune Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions on Facebookthis out. We want you to be educated, informed and equipped to care for your home. We offer more than just information on our energy efficient and effective ice dam prevention systems. We share articles on caring for your home and more. Just consider some past articles we have shared... "How To Seal Attic Air Leaks", "Plugging Heat Loss Caused By Recessed Lights", "How Much Do Heat Cables Cost To Run?", "Freezing and Thawing Could Cause Damage To Your Home", "Pet Winter Safety: Prepping Your Pet For Winter", and many more. We take the time to do the research to bring you these informative articles. Please join us for the conversation - leave comments, share the articles with others.

Future campaigns on Facebook!

In the coming weeks and months, we will be posting some great offers on Facebook. We will tease one of them now - an offer for a free roof and gutter ice melt system featuring a new product called the Edge Melt System. It is a product we have been testing for several years now and want to offer it as part of our solutions to roof and gutter ice dams. Follow us on Facebook for the details to be released soon. 

We look forward to hearing from you. Join the discussion. Offer your two cents. Ask questions. This format is for you!