Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions to Exhibit at the 2013 Washington County Home Show

WI Ice Dam Solutions to offer ice dam solutions to Washington County Residents!

Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions will have a booth at the upcoming Washington County Builders Association 2013 HomeWisconsin Ice Dam Solutions Interactive Booth Building and Remodeling Expo. Look for us there February 15-17, 2013. We will have our interactive booth display featuring Roof and Gutter Ice Dam Prevention Systems from Bylin Engineered Systems and VersaScreen IceBlaster.

Ice Dam Prevention Products

One new product we will be demonstrating is the IceBlaster Edge Melt Panel. VersaScreen Gutter Protection offers a heated gutter guard for leaf protection and ice dam prevention. Starting in 2010, VersaScreen tested a new product for eave ice dam prevention for customers who don't need gutter guards. The IceBlaster Edge Melt System offers the same great ice dam prevention heat panel effectiveness of the IceBlaster RE and Pro without the need for the gutter guard. We will also have our radiant roof edge heat panel display with the products actually heated up. This will allow homeowners to visualize how these ice dam solutions work on their roof. 

Complimentary IceBlaster Edge Melt System Giveaway!

We will be providing homeowners in Washington County the opportunity for a complimentary IceBlaster Edge Melt System. Pick up our flyer at the show or check the WI Ice Dam Solutions' Promotions page for more information as it becomes available in February. Homeowners who would like complimentary tickets to the show can do so by requesting through Facebook - just like us or Contact Us and let us know you would like some.

Effective Roof and Gutter Ice Dam Prevention Solutions

We specialize in roof and gutter ice dam prevention solutions. Our products are designed to last the life of your roof, requiring little or no maintenance. Our roof ice dam prevention systems featuring commercial grade self regulating heat cables designed for decades of service. When coupled with our thermally efficient radiant roof and gutter panels, you can have the most reliable and energy efficient roof and gutter ice dam prevention solution on the market. If you can't visit us at the show, please feel free to contact us for a quote. We would be happy to stop by and design a system that can meet your requirements.


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