Ice Dam Prevention System on Historic Country Club in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Ice Dam Prevention System installed on the Blue Mound Golf and County Club in Wauwatosa, WI.

Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions was contracted to install a copper clad heat panel system to prevent ice dam build up Custom copper ice dam prevention system in Wauwatosa, WIthat plagued this historic country club in Wauwatosa, WI. The east porch of the main building had been impacted by years of ice dams and snow sliding off of the upper slate roofs. The resulting ice dams damaged the copper gutters and slate roofing. The renovation of the east porch featured a steeper sloped roof, a new slate roof and copper gutters, and an ice dam prevention system featuring the Bylin Roof Ice Melt System RIM2 Eave Panels with copper cladding.

WI Ice Dam Solutions custom fabricated the copper cladding to accommodate the slate roofing installation. This is the advantage of working with WI Ice Dam Solutions - we have our own in house sheet metal shop for the easy and precise customizing of any of our ice dam prevention systems. You can see on the picture to the right the custom fabricated copper cover panels for this ice dam prevention system. 

Roof Ice Dam Prevention and Slate Roofs.

Roof Ice Melt System RIM2 base panel in Wauwatosa, WIWe also worked closely with Millen Roofing - the premier installer of slate roofs in Wisconsin. Millen has been around for more than a century. It was a great experience working with their craftsmen. After Millen Roofing installed the copper gutters and the underlayments, WI Ice Dam Solutions installed the Roof Ice Melt System base panels. We then followed with the routing of the heat cables in the base panels and the gutter bottoms. We installed a copper cable cover bracket in the gutter bottom to house the heat cable and improve its heat transfer abilities. After that the cover panels were installed. The copper cladding was fabricated to assist in the slate roof installation with an intermediate bend to support the slate roofing. Once the copper cladding was installed, the slate roofing was laid leaving the roof ice dam heat panel exposed for maximum heat transfer and ice melting capacity. 

There was a real concern for appearance. This area is visible as the members reach the 18th tee. The building is Copper Clad Bylin RIM System ice dam prevention with a slate roof in Wauwatosa, WI historic and much consideration was given to how the ice dam prevention system would look. Zig zag heat cables were not an option. The club had used them on other areas and they were not performing well - ice built up and they were dragged off the roof by cascading snow. The copper clad ice dam heat panels chosen will patina naturally and blend in with the slate roof and copper gutters. WI Ice Dam Solutions was chosen as the contractor because of our experience with Bylin Roof Ice Melt Systems on commercial and residential applications. We will be posting further pictures on Facebook when this project finishes. No other contractor in Wisconsin has more experience with Roof Ice Melt Systems than WI Ice Dam Solutions. Contact Us now for more information on how we can protect your home from the damaging effects of ice dams.