Measure and plan your Ice Dam Prevention System

Using the Layout Design Guide

Step 1: Download our printable Layout Design Guide  to record your measurements and building information using the tips below.

Step 2: Contact Edge Melt Systems to receive a quote online. After you submit the form we will contact you to obtain your photos and/or architectual plans if available.

Contact Edge Melt Systems Receive Your Quote Online

Here are a few tips for measuring your ice dam prevention system:

Make a plan for your ice dam prevention system
Finished plan for your ice dam prevention system

First, consider the entire area to be treated. Measure the eave and gutter lengths. Don't forget the downspouts. On the Layout Guide, mark where they are located and how long they are from a birdseye perspective (or as if you were looking down from above).

Downspout locations can be marked with an "X" with the entire length of the downspout next to it. If you want to heat part or all of the drain tile or downspout extension, include that measurement, too.

If your house has valleys, they should be considered. Sometimes, only the bottom 5 or 10 feet need to be cared for. But, if the problem is higher up in the valley, please note that. Upper valleys that drain onto lower roofs should be noted.

Do you need gutter protection as well? Please note any areas of the home where gutter protection is needed.

Indicate where the circuit breaker panel is located. Routing for electrical is either through a basement or crawl space if you have one or through the attic. Is the basement ceiling finished with drywall? Are there preferred places for the electrical to be routed?

Do you have any unique features that we should know about? Indicate that on your guide in the notes section.

The more information provided the better. Don't worry, the drawing does not need to be to scale. Additionally, pictures of the problem area are an important part of the information we need for your quote. These can be submitted to us through email when we contact you.

If you need any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us.