DC Flex Ice Dam System Digital Controller

DC Flex Digital Controller Makes For Easy Roof Ice Dam System Operation Many customers wonder about the best way to operate their roof ice dam prevention system. Whether to use a switch for on/off operation or a automated controller to end the Read More

Victorian Home Receives Ice Dam Prevention Upgrade

Poorly performing zig zag heat tape system For years this home suffered from a poorly designed heat cable system using the zig zag method. While these were the commercial style of self regulating heat tape, the zig zag installation meant a lot of Read More

What Difference Is There In Ice Dam Prevention Products?

What are the different types of ice dam prevention systems available on the market? There are different types of systems for ice dam prevention. They range from zig zag heat tape strewn on the roof to advanced thermally conductive materials that Read More

New England Winter Leads to Severe Ice Dam Problems

The winter of 2014/2015 has meant severe ice dams for many New England residents! It just doesn't seem to end. Snow, cold, more snow, more cold. Watching the Weather Channel, the commentator said they were looking forward to the warm up when it Read More

Operating Guidelines for WI Ice Dam Prevention Systems

Operating Guidelines for your Wisconsin Ice Dam Prevention System. We have recently updated and expanded our operating guidelines for the systems we install in Wisconsin. Included is preseason testing, controller operation, seasonal operation, and Read More

Ice Dam Prevention on Cedar Roof in Wales, Wisconsin

Custom Ice Dam Prevention System on a Cedar Shingle Roof in Wales, Wisconsin. We were recently hired to provide ice dam prevention for a customer in Wales, Wisconsin. The project involved three locations which built up with ice and caused leaking. Read More

Do It Your Self Ice Dam Prevention System

Home Owner Do-It-Yourself attempt at an ice dam prevention sytsem. The street looked familiar as I pulled onto. Sure enough, I had already estimated an ice dam prevention system on this street. In fact, it was right across the street from the house Read More

Do hardwire heat cables need to be ground fault protected?

Self regulating heat cables need ground fault protection! Whether you are plugging heat cables into an outlet or hard wiring them to a junction box, heat cables require ground fault protection. This is for the safety of the structure and its Read More

Are Zig Zag Heat Cables Effective for Ice Dam Prevention?

Can the heat cables I purchase at my hardware store or big box store effectively solve my roof ice dams? It might seem a little strange, but I pay attention to heat cable systems on roofs of homes and businesses. Most are easy to spot because of Read More

Ice Dam Prevention on metal roof in Hartland, Wisconsin

Standing Seam Metal Roof receives an Ice Dam Prevention System featuring VersaScreen IceBlaster Heated Gutter Guards and EMS Heated Valley Panels. Sawvell Roofing and Siding of Oconomowoc WI brought in WI Ice Dam Solutions to install our heated Read More

New Youtube videos for Ice Dam Prevention thermostats

WI Ice Dam Solutions Youtube Channel You are now able to view installation and operation videos at our Youtube channel. Controller operation is discussed at length and how to for installation and settings is demonstrated. This is the first Read More

Concealed Ice Dam Prevention System

Release Date 4/29/14 We are proud to post an update to our ice dam prevention products offer - the IceBlaster EMS Hidden Heat. This great product features a single cable run that can have different heat outputs making it suitable for different Read More

What Can Be Done to Prevent Ice Dams?

What can be done to prevent ice dams? Ice dam prevention falls under two categories. 1) Treating the causes and 2) Treating the symptoms. Sometimes the solution requires a combination of both. Understanding why the ice dam is forming is critical to Read More

I Have Added More Insulation, Why Am I Still Having Ice Dams?

More insulation alone won't prevent ice dams. We were recently called to a home for leaking from ice dams. The winter of 2013/14 saw unusually cold temps with slightly above average snowfall. This led to a lot of ice dams on homes and businesses. A Read More

How to operate the AS Digital Thermostat Controller

For the best performance of your heat cable and radiant roof edge ice dam prevention system, it is a good idea to have the heat cable system on at temperatures that they will be most effective. This means that they should be on as it approaches Read More

Are All Winter Time Roof Leaks Caused By Ice Dams?

We recently visited the home of a daughter of one of our customers. Our company had installed an ice dam prevention system in Franklin for this customer and his daughter reached out to us with a water damaged ceiling around a skylight. That is what Read More

Do Ice Dam Prevention Systems have to be visible to be effective

Are ugly zig zag heat cables or the radiant metal panels at the roof edge necessary to prevent ice dams? For so many years, zig zag heat tape was all that could be done on the outside to prevent ice dams. And, they really didn't work that well. Read More

Does zig zag heat tape prevent ice dams?

DOES ZIG ZAG HEAT TAPE PREVENT ICE DAMS? HOW LONG DOES IT LAST? It really depends on the amount of snow and temperatures. If you live in an area that rarely gets more than 3-4 inches of snow at a time and the snow doesn't pile up on the roof, then Read More

Is Roof Venting Necessary for Ice Dam Prevention

Roof and Ridge Vents Serve a Purpose One of the most common ideas in ice dam prevention is that roof ventilation is required. The idea is that if the attic is cool the snow will not melt. So roof venting pulls in 'cool' air from the soffits or Read More

Ineffective Ice Dam Prevention Ideas

Strange Ice Dam Prevention Idea in Wales, Wisconsin I was in a neighborhood in Wales, WI  recently and observed a strange attempt at ice dam prevention. It involved covering the gutter with a sheet metal strip to prevent water from entering the Read More

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