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We have installed hundreds of Roof and Gutter Ice Dam Prevention Systems and over a hundred thousand feet of ice melt heat cable. We are the exclusive Edge Melt Systems Certified Installer in Southeastern Wisconsin. We can either work with your electrical contractor or provide an electrician to complete the line voltage portion of the system.

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Contractor Supply Source

Supply source for heat cables to prevent ice dams
Supply source for ice dam prevention controls
Supply source for Roof Ice Melt Panels

For the exterior or electrical contractor, Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions is your supply source for quality products you can trust. Tired of box and hardware store products that are not contractor quality. Fed up with supply houses constantly being out of stock of 'stock' items.

We stock Roof Ice Melt Panels, Self Regulating Heat Cables and Accessories, Heated Gutter Guards, Custom Sheet Metal and Copper Flashings. Volume or per job pricing available.

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Thank you for supplying a great product at a fair price. It has been a pleasure installing your Edge Melt Systems to eliminate ice dams for the past several years. Your knowledge and unending efforts towards product enhancement is refreshing. Keep growing and let it snow."

-Jeff Tallon, Owner of Jeff Tallon Enterprises

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Contractor training and certification available!

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Edge Melt Certification training for contractors. Installing heated eave panel and heated gutter.
Edge Melt Certification training for contractors. Installing heated gutter and downspout.
Edge Melt Certification training for contractors. Installing heated downspout

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