Installation Services

Hire the experts. Our installation team is experienced and educated in the latest installation methods.

We specialize in ice dam prevention system installation.

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Sales and product support for contractors using Edge Melt Systems products

Contractor Support

We offer sales, installation, and product support for contractors.

All of our products are the highest quality expected by professionals.

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We provide ice dam system products for DIY Do It yourself customers

Do It Yourself - DIY

We are the Wisconsin source for Ice Dam Prevention Products.

If you have done your research and want us to provide a materials quote we would be happy to help you get started.

Who Does the Work?

Complete Installation Service

Exclusive Edge Melt Systems Certified Installer Radiant roof panels, heated gutter guards and heat cables are installed by our own crews who specialize in this work.  We are the exclusive Edge Melt Systems Certified Installer in Southeastern Wisconsin. We have installed hundreds of Roof and Gutter Ice Dam Prevention Systems and over a hundred thousand feet of ice melt heat cable. We work on existing homes, new construction, remodels, and historic projects.

DIY customers

DIY Do it yourself Upload your pictures for a quoteFor the DIY customer, WI Ice Dam Solutions can provide all the materials and guidelines for a successful installation. Put our experience to work for you. With your measurements and pictures, we will design the right ice dam prevention system for you. Click here to start the process.

Electrician Support

We can provide an electrician to install your ice dam system Wisconsin Ice Dam solutions can provide operating manuals and trainig We can either work with your electrician or provide you with an electrician to complete the line voltage portion of the system. You have the option of a fully automated system, one that is controlled entirely by you, or a combination of both. Once the system is completed, we will provide you with a detailed operation manual and training (if available).

Quality Supply Source for Contractors

Self regulating heat cable Ice Melt panels Custom Sheet Metal and Copper flashingsFor the exterior or electrical contractor, Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions is your supply source for quality products you can trust. Tired of box and hardware store products that are not contractor quality. Fed up with supply houses constantly being out of stock of 'stock' items. We stock Roof Ice Melt Panels, Self Regulating Heat Cables and Accessories, Heated Gutter Guards, and Custom Sheet Metal and Copper Flashings. Contact us for volume or per job pricing.

Annual Testing and Maintenance

For the customer whose system is up and running, WI Ice Dam Solutions can provide annual testing and maintenance of your ice dam prevention system. This tesing is usually done in the fall. Annual testing and maintenance is an essential part of your systems success in combatting ice dams. Roof and gutter ice melt systems can be damaged throughout the summer months by animals, home repairs, falling limbs, moisture migrating into junction boxes and controllers, etc. The time to find the system is not working is well before you need it. This allows for repairs or replacement.

If your roof heat cable or thermal heat panel system has been installed by another contractor, Wisconsin Ice Dam Solutions can provide its testing service to you. So, even if the contractor who installed your sytem will not return your calls for warranty or service issues, we are here to help. We have installed, repaired or replaced systems by Bylin (Pentair or Raychem) Roof Ice Melt Systems,Thermal Technologies (also known as Engineered Roof Deicing), Gutterglove Icebreaker (or All Weather Armour), and Hotedge, as well as heat cables by Easy Heat, Raychem, Nuheat and others. 

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