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Heated Gutter Guard, Double Cable Valley Panel, Single Cable Eave Panel, Indoor Controller

Excellent product, but even better customer service. Difficult to find this type of service these days, available, responsive, stand behind their products. Be assured they will not try to sell you something you don't need. Product eliminated our issues with ice build up on the roof. 100% satisfied, I highly recommend GSB if you have issues with ice on your roof.

— Craig Cummings

New Berlin, WI

Heated Gutter Guard, Double Cable Valley Panel, Indoor Controller

We were plagued with ice dam problems since we bought our home nearly 20 years ago. Raking the roof and chopping ice were a common occurrence yet we still had leaks and damage. Then we found this wonderful company. They were very professional and explained all our options. The installation process was high quality and now were are ice dam free. What a feeling of calm when you see those melted areas in the valleys and edges. I highly recommend them!

— LeeAnn Kasper

Wauwatosa, WI

Double Cable Valley Panel, Double Cable Eave Panel

Great product and a fair price. And even better follow-up after the install. Would highly recommend this company, I was very satisfied with the entire process.

— Dane Schommer

Menomonee Falls, WI

Heated Gutter Guard, Single Cable Valley Panel, Double Cable Eave Panel, Indoor Controller

The team was very professional and efficient installing our system. The system worked fantastically keeping icicles and ice dams from forming. Thank you for a great product and great service!

— Sarah Horth

Kohler, WI

Heated Gutter Guard, Double Cable Valley Panel, Double Cable Eave Panel, Indoor Controller

I wish we would have done this sooner!! No more ice to worry about at our back door. It is a great product and the install was quick!

— Ann Schueller

Shorewood, WI

Double Cable Valley Panel, Double Cable Eave Panel

Justin and his crew did an excellent job. Very timely and professional. The installed equipment looks and works great! Exactly what I was hoping for.

— Sean Tracy

Menomonee Falls, WI

Double Cable Valley Panel, Double Cable Eave Panel, Indoor Controller

The installation was done efficiently. All arrangements for electrician were made for us so the project could be completed as promised. The system worked, no more icicles on the roof and the company was always available for texts or phone calls when we had a question.

— Mark Mittenthal

Mequon, WI

Heated Gutter Guard, Double Cable Valley Panel, Indoor Controller

Great service. Highly effective system for our home.

— Phillip Sonderman

Hartland, WI

Heated Gutter Guard, Double Cable Valley Panel, Indoor Controller

We are very happy with the installation, your crew and product. Feel free to use our house for potential customer walk throughs. You are a first class company. We have been talking up your product and referring your company many times.

— Ken and Dianne Obermann

Waukesha, WI

Double Cable Eave and Valley Panels, Indoor Controller

After experiencing a few of Wisconsin's winters I searched for a solution to icy gutters and found Greg Bublitz and his company online. From my very first contact with him, I was impressed. Not only is he pleasant and professional in his business relationship, he is especially attentive to all details from first contact through completion of project. And he is always available for consult during and afterward. I have been very happy with our experience, and I recommend Greg and his company without reservation.

— Judy Pelley

Madison, WI

Heated Gutter Guard and Double Cable Valley Panel

The only reason I didn’t install this system years ago was because I didn’t know it existed! Roof design and house orientation left me with pesky ice dams in snowy winters. GSB installed an engineered system for my particular application. It worked flawlessly last winter and was worth every penny. Every employee I dealt with in all three phases has been professional, timely, and courteous. Highly recommended.

— Jason Bonifield

Mukwonago, WI

Heated Gutter Guard, Double Cable Valley Panel, Indoor Controller

The ice dam prevention system kept the gutters, roof valleys, and drainpipes clear of icicles and prevented any build-up of snow. We were pleased with the way it worked and are ready to recommend it to others who want to avoid problems with leaky roofs due to ice dams and who want to avoid having to try to use roof rakes or other devices to try to clear a roof manually. We invite anyone considering installation of such a system to come to our residence and look at an ice dam prevention system in place.

— James Nickell

Waukesha, WI

VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro with EMS heated valley panels

Greg, Just wanted to let you know how well the work that you did at our Trillium Lane, Slinger property last fall is working. I am beyond pleased halfway thru winter. We have had zero ice buildup thus far. After battling ice dams in three homes over near 40 years of home ownership, this is the first time I believe we have a solution. Might be the best $$$ I ever spent.

Thanks again. And please feel free to use me as a reference or testimonial to the fact this does in fact take care of ice dam problems.

— M. Hiller

Slinger, WI

Copper Heated Valley Panel and Heated Gutters

Greg, Just made payment online. Your guys do exceptional work! Thank you for your personal customer service, I am sure you are aware how lucky you are to have such an outstanding team. The electrician treated my home like it was his and cleaned up after himself, almost like my dad/brother was doing the work for me. Great job!!!

— Tim Frank

Pewaukee, WI

VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro

Wow talk about the poster child for clean and dry gutters. This stuff is the cats meow. Thanks so much for putting the increased heat cables in {VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro}, they worked fantastic. The rest of the house is hung like Doctor Zavargo house in Russia but not the back - all the gutters are snow and ice less.

— A. Collins

Stoughton, WI

VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro and heated valleys

Hi Greg, just wanted to follow up with you regarding the work you did at my Brookfield ranch house last summer . As you recall we had significant ice dam issues over the front door of the house when we bought it. The dam was 5-6 feet back on the roof and I estimate 15-18 inches deep at its peak. We also had Ice dam issues over our sun room addition. Over the summer you suggested cutting in a ridge vent and then add your roof heating system and gutter guards. (I also added blown cellulose insulation.) We all agreed this was the best approach and we began to install.

Over last winter we had zero ice dam issues over the front door or sun room. We could actually see the snow melting down the valleys and could hear the rain gutters dripping with melted snow . We are believers that by adding your valley and rain gutter heating system we had an ice dam free winter.

Please feel free to use us as a reference for those who have questions.

— Mark Bordeaux

Brookfield, WI

VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro installed on rear of house

Hello Greg, Just a quick follow up.The system is working flawlessly !! Rear gutter always clear. Front gutter currently with ice dam. I took some pictures and I'm not sure if you need any more testimonies but I am willing.

— G. Tucker

Hartford, WI

VersaScreen Heated Gutter Guards and Heated Valley Panels

Greg, I know we could still have more 'winter,' but want to tell you that these last months, the System worked promised! Thank you and your talented Crew.

— Jacque & Pat Nook

Wauwatosa, WI

VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro with EMS heated valley panels

Greg, it works! No more risking my life slipping on ice on the front porch. I'll definitely be calling next year to finish the rest on my house.

— W. Evans

Waukesha, WI

VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro system and heated panels between dormers

It all worked out very well. Walkway was clean and safe. You cleared up a big problem... Thanks!


Delafield, WI

VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro

GSB Services is outstanding. In the middle of the 2012/13 winter, my ice dams were removed and the heater technology installed that finally, after 15 years, ended the dams. I am currently in discussions to add additional heater sections for other areas of my house. Professional and courteous, and I can recommend GSB Services unconditionally to anyone who wants roof heaters that work wonderfully.

—J. Hatheway

Stoughton, WI
(This testimonial can also be viewed on BBB under GSB Services)

VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro

I had GSB install the Ice Blaster Pro system in the rear upper gutter in my home. I had terrible problems with ice dams in this area in the past. Now the gutter is clear and I have zero issues with ice dams in this area. I have enclosed picutures taken the same day of the rear gutter and the front gutter in which I did NOT install the system. Clear ice damming in the front. The system works as promised and the entire experience was very professional with excellent work performed along with great communication. I would highly recommend this system for any homeowners who are experiencing ice damming problems."


Slinger, WI

VersaScreen IceBlaster Pro with EMS heated valley panels

Greg, it works! No more risking my life slipping on ice on the front porch. I'll definitely be calling next year to finish the rest on my house.

— W. Evans

Waukesha, WI

Heated gutters and EMS Valley Panels

We have an one hundred year old large house with copper gutters, troublesome steep tile roofs and a large section of flat roof. The gutter system presented a multitude of unique problems during winter freezing. GSB understood the difficulties and came up with a specific remedy at a very reasonable price. After one of the worst winters ever we were thrilled that we did not have one problem anywhere. We were astonished and very very thankful. Great guy, great solution, great job, fantastic results.

— T. Reed

Milwaukee, WI

Edge Melt Systems Eave and Valley Panels

I wanted to follow up the installation of our new roof dam system with thanks to you and your associate for the very professional job. I have also enclosed a copy of a similar letter I have sent to Mark Falk for his equally fine work on the IceBlaster Edge Melt System Ice Dam Preventionelectrical phase of the project.

As I told Mark, while I am not eager to test the system yet this spring, I look forward to seeing it in full functional mode next winter. Working with you over the three year course of my "dithering" on the decision, as well as during the actual installation has been nothing short of professional and pleasant. You are easy to work with and a true professional in how you go about the sale and the installation...

Thanks for a nice and neat piece of work. Everything looks first rate. My only regret is that I didn't do this in year one.

— D. Olson

Grafton, WI

VersaScreen IceBlaster RE with Bylin RIM2 Valley Panels

We had been plagued with ice dams and icicles on the front and back of our home for years. Since the installation of the Ice Blaster Pro and VersaScreen Gutter Protection in 2011, we no longer have to deal with or worry about ice dams. Greg has provided us with superb service. He is always available for answering questions and providing advice, and has even stopped out to check up on things. He definitely stands behind his workmanship and sells a quality product.

— B. Trapp

Sussex, WI

VersaScreen IceBlaster RE and Bylin RIM2 Valleys Panels

We both think it was the best money we ever spent on the house. No problems at all. I still want to finish that one bit that I didn't have you install. Sometime during the summer, if you're working on a job in the area, you could schedule it. No rush on that of course.

— J. Holmes

West Bend, WI

Bylin RIM2 Valley Panels and heated gutter guards

I am very happy with the leaf cover and ice melting system I purchased from you. I had one valley area that caused ice damning and inside water leakage that your system solved completely. We have an all cement area we walk out onto in the back of the house. In the past, when I raked the snow off the roof I had to shovel all that snow up on the ground since we use that area as a walkway. Now with your heat cable system, no need to use the roof rake and no need to shovel all that snow. I just go into the basement and turn on the heat cable system and don't have to worry about it. I have many trees around our house and with your leaf covers the smallest debris cannot get into the gutters. It keeps them clear and no need to get up on a ladder to clean them. I checked out many systems and contractors and your system was by far the best. You were very easy to work with and also in working with the electrician I used to do the inside wiring. I know he appreciated your knowledge and help. I look forward to many years of good use of this system. Every time in the fall when the leaves come down and then in the winter when the snow starts to fly I know I made a smart investment and the best choice with GSB Services.

— L. Radde

Wauwatosa, WI

Roof and Gutter Guard Ice Melt System

Offers roof and gutter de-icing solution. We had roof and gutter solution implemented along with installation of "gutter guards" to prevent debris from collecting in gutters. They provide great service, are willing to answer questions and are very responsive. Solved years of frustrating ice-dam issues with a simple, no-worry solution. Provided a courtesy follow up to ensure everything was working properly.

— Pete Mapants

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