Concealed Ice Dam Prevention System

Release Date 4/29/14

We are proud to post an update to our ice dam prevention products offer - the IceBlaster EMS Hidden Heat. This greaIceBlaster Edge Melt System Hidden Heat concealed ice dam preventiont product features a single cable run that can have different heat outputs making it suitable for different applications. We have been installing it for a couple of years now with great success.

Here is the data sheet download for the system. It is compatible with the heated valley panels and can be used with or without gutters. Stay tuned for more pics of this system combating ice dams and preventing icicles.

The picture to the right shows the system effective staving off 8 inches of new snow. We have been watching this installation for three years now on our test facility. We've let ice build up, snow pile up, waited until it really got cold before we turned it on just to see how far we could push it. The results have been positive. We will keep you posted.

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