DC Series Ice Dam System Digital Controller

2020 Product Line Update - DC Series Digital Controllers

Here is a link to the latest DC Series Digital Controller from Edge Melt Systems. Get product specifications and the most current information on this line of products.

DC Flex Digital Controller Makes For Easy Roof Ice Dam System Operation

Many customers wonder about the best way to operate their roof ice dam prevention system. Whether to use a switch for on/off operation or a automated controller to end the worry about when its on or off and if they are doing it right. Many also want to be free from worry when they travel or go south for the frigid winter months. 

The DC Flex Digital Heat Cable Controller is the perfect complement to any roof ice prevention system or pipe heat trace application. It allows for the efficient and effective control of your heat cable system without requiring the end user to closely monitor the system.

This video tutorial covers the basic operation and programming functions of the DC Flex Digital Controller. 

Basic Functionality of the DC Flex Digital Controller

The DC Flex is completely field adjustable allowing for site specific customization of the entire system. In the field calibration of the thermistor probe is also easily accomplished - cared for by WI Ice Dam Solutions.

The DC Flex heat cable controller can operate up to four separate 30 amp circuits at 208/240VAC. There is no separate feed required to operate the controller itself unlike competitor panels - saving you time and money at installation

Manually Operation (MAX)

  • On/Off Control
  • Energizes heat cables regardless of ambient temperature
  • Useful for pre-season testing

ECO (automatic) Operation

  • Automatic Control - heat cables are when temps are ideal for ice dam formation
  • Low Temp Cut Out - allows for heat cables to be turned off when temps are too cold for ice dam formation
  • Most reliable for preventing ice dams when end user is not available to monitor the system

UL 508a built

  • For safety and reliability
  • Unlike the competitor panel, ours actually comes with a UL certification.


The DC Flex Controller is manufactured by Edge Melt Systems and is part of our comprehensive roof and gutter ice dam prevention system. No other company can offer the broad spectrum of products all designed to work together to protect your property.

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