Ice Dam Prevention on metal roof in Hartland, Wisconsin

Standing Seam Metal Roof receives an Ice Dam Prevention System featuring VersaScreen IceBlaster Heated Gutter Guards and EMS Heated Valley Panels.

Sawvell Roofing and Siding of Oconomowoc WI brought in WI Ice Dam Solutions to install our heated gutter VersaScreen IceBlaster DE heated gutter guard on a standing seam metal roof with snow retention systemguards and heated valley panels for ice dam prevention on this Hartland, WI home. Sawvell recently completed the installation of a standing seam metal roofing system. The owner did not want the snow sliding off his roof ruining his landscaping, ripping the gutters from his home, or piling up on his walks and driveway. Often times, eager metal roofing salesmen tout this snow shedding as a positive - prevention of ice dams. But little thought is given to were that snow goes. Sawvell Roofing and Siding takes pride in educating it customers in an honest fashion about its metal roofing products.

Sawvell Roofing and Siding routinely installs snow rails (a fence-like structure that holds the snow in place on the roof pictured here). This home has landscaping below the roof line that the owner did not want destroyed by the snow that slides off the metal roof

Another common problem that metal roofs face in colder climates is IceBlaster EMS heated valley panel for ice dam prevention on a standing seam metal roofwhen sliding or cascading snow compresses into the valleys. At those areas it is common for ice dams to develop. Once the snow compresses into the valleys, it can turn to ice and block (or dam) water causing it to flow into areas it normally would not. Some of the possibility of leaks can be prevented by the installation of ice and water shield (an underlayment that has self sealing properties, also known as waterproofing underlayment). However, this is not a fool proof measure. Some homeowners have found that the installation of these waterproofing underlayments have not served them well.

Our heated valley panel systems (IceBlaster EMS Valley Panel) can keep these areas open allowing for the melted water to easily drain away. Pictured here you can see the heated valley panel adhered to the center of the valley. A color matched aluminum cover piece is used to conceal the aluminum extrusion that houses the heat cables. 

WI Ice Dam Solutions also recommended the use of our heated gutter guard on this home because of its VersaScreen IceBlaster DE with EMS heated valley panels on a standing seam metal roofwooded location. As pictured above, the heated gutter guard was configured to have the heat cable out at the front edge of the gutter. This is ideal for metal roof applications where it is impossible (or, at best, extremely difficult) to get a heating system at the roof edge.

Our VersaScreen IceBlaster DE heated gutter guard will keep the gutters clean and free of ice build up for years to come. Not only are these products highly effective at preventing ice dams, but they also compliment the homes architecture and beauty. It is not necessary to have to put up with unsightly zig zag heat tape. In fact, this homeowner has replaced the zig zag heat cable that was on the home with our products. 

If you are contemplating the installation of a metal roof or have a metal roof already and are suffering with ice dams, please feel free to contact us for a consultation on how we can put our products to work for you.

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