New England Winter Leads to Severe Ice Dam Problems

The winter of 2014/2015 has meant severe ice dams for many New England residents!

It just doesn't seem to end. Snow, cold, more snow, more cold. Watching the Weather Channel, the commentator said they were looking forward to the warm up when it would only be 15 degrees below normal. Ice Dam Problem in MassachusettsThe weight of snow has been causing catastrophic roof collapse on commercial and residential buildings alike. Huge ice dams have been causing leaking that is ruining drywall and the moods of many New Englanders.

Where can help be found? For some New England residents, they are resting comfortably, knowing that their roofs are protected the premier Roof Ice Dam Prevention System in New England. The IceBlaster Edge Melt System has proven itself to be the perfect solution to harsh winters. Homes and businesses protected with this system are safe from the damaging effects of ice dam build up. 

The IceBlaster Edge Melt System protects:

  • Roof eaves and gutters
  • Downspouts/Leaders
  • Valleys and Dormers
  • Flat roofs and Saddles

For peace of mind, we would be happy to provide you with a solution to your ice dam problems. Our systems are expertly designed and installed. Simply contact us to get the process started. We just ask you patience as we have been quite busy already this year just keeping up with the demand.

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