Roof Ice Prevention Experts!

Successful Roof and Gutter Ice Dam Prevention Projects

No more damage to your home from roof ice dam related leaking.

No more fears of slips and falls from icy patches below.

No more worries of ice sliding off your roof causing damage below.

We will design a system for you to eliminate your ice dams and icicles.

Ice Dam Removal

ice dam
roof raked
salting roof

Our Ice Dam Removal Process:

We use a snow rake to rake the roof, removing snow that could cause future ice dams to form.

We directly salt the ice dam and any remaining ice to break them up. Gently removing ice as needed.

(We don't use steam removal)

Our Fees:

$35/bag of salt

$250 for the first 2 hours

$75/hour per man after that

ice dam prevention systemAn even better way to solve this problem is a preventative solution! Check out our line of Ice Dam Prevention products. See our before and after images below. We are Wisconsin's experts when it comes to Ice Dam Prevention Solutions. Spring time installation rates are our lowest installation rates of the season. Contact us now for an estimate! 800-385-6279

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Illustration explaining the cause of ice dams

What Causes Ice Dams?

Snow buildup on the roof

Heat loss from the building through insulation, chimney, roof vents

Winter temperature fluctuations – freeze/thaw cycles 

Solar heating during winter days with below freezing nights 

 One or a combination of these factors contribute to ice dam formation

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